April 8th, 2021

McNaughton didn’t do enough to prevent warehouse from being closed

QUEEN’S PARK — NDP Worker Safety Critic Wayne Gates says the Ford Government hasn’t done what is necessary to make workplaces safe.

On March 12, Peel’s Medical Officer of Health shut down Amazon’s warehouse at 8050 Heritage Road in Brampton, where over 900 workers were infected with COVID-19, after the Ministry of Labour claimed to have inspected the facility 12 times.

“It’s clear whatever inspections the ministry is doing aren’t protecting workers,” said Wayne Gates, NDP Critic for Labour —Workplace Health and Safety. “Labour Minister Monte McNaughton’s inspection system isn’t working to keep people safe, and a lack of paid sick days means workers don’t have the supports necessary to stay home when they are sick. The result is devastating shutdowns, illnesses, and income loss — and this government just brushes that off, like working folks don’t matter.”

Dr. Lawrence Loh has urged the province to bring in paid sick days. Gates and the NDP are calling for paid sick days, as well as a plan to vaccinate essential workers now, and bring testing on-site to make workplaces safe for workers.