September 13th, 2023

NDP: Ford buries climate report as his Greenbelt corruption worsens crisis

QUEEN’S PARK — Doug Ford is actively making the climate crisis worse — most recently, by carving up the Greenbelt — and Ontario’s climate change impact assessment is an inconvenient reminder of the risk that climate change poses to Ontarians’ health, livelihoods and property.

The report was presented to the government in January and quietly released August 25, with no announcement from the government, as the Premier and his ministers have attempted to cover up their growing Greenbelt corruption scandal. It outlines the frightening impacts of climate change that Ontarians are likely to face, from worse floods to longer droughts to bigger fires. These impacts will result in higher insurance bills, greater property damage, and increased food insecurity.

“The Premier is focused on one thing, and that’s doing favours for insider developers and speculators while not just ignoring the climate crisis, but actively making it worse,” said MPP Peter Tabuns, the Official Opposition NDP critic for Climate Action.

“The assessment makes clear what Ontarians already know: the climate crisis is here and it’s frightening. We need a government that takes real action to mitigate the impacts, protect people, and prevent further damage, instead of this deliberate neglect," said MPP Sandy Shaw, NDP critic for the Environment, Conservation, and Parks. “Doug Ford is so focused on helping his developer friends get richer, he’s now opening the entire Greenbelt for potential development.”

The NDP will continue to push for real leadership on the climate crisis.