June 10th, 2021

NDP will delay Ford’s desperate abuse of power by fighting to put people’s priorities first

QUEEN’S PARK — On Thursday, and even more so in the days ahead, the Official Opposition will attempt to delay Doug Ford’s desperate attempt to silence his critics by asking the government to first debate the things that really matter to people, instead.

Doug Ford and his government have recalled the legislature to introduce an unprecedented Constitutional override law. Ford’s bill would overrule the Superior Court of Justice in order to strike out Ontarians’ Constitutional right to free speech and expression in order to muzzle criticism in the lead up to the election.

“This is the act of a desperate man trying to cling to power by crushing the voice of anyone who opposes him,” said Horwath.

“He should be helping children struggling with school shutdowns — not helping himself. He should be focused on saving the quality of life of the survivors in long-term care — not saving his political bacon. He should be supporting small businesses recover from the longest shutdowns in Canada — not trying to recover his polling numbers by muzzling critics.”

The NDP will call on the house Thursday afternoon to debate issues that are actually priorities for people first, including the need for 14 paid sick days, staffing up to offer a minimum of four hours of hands on care to every nursing home resident and a safe schools plan.

The government has the power to agree to debate these priorities through unanimous consent, or shut it down to plow ahead with their constitutional override.